Are you looking for…

Authentic relationships? Balanced spirituality? Purpose and meaning? Intimacy with God? Selfless love? Opportunities to reach out to others?

We invite you to consider joining us. The Community of Saint Columba is an intentional Christian community in Missoula centered on a purposeful life of pursuing intimacy with Jesus and one another.

We are a group of people looking to fully live out a Jesus-shaped spirituality in today’s world. Drawing on ancient spiritual practices, we apply them in a contemporary fashion that makes sense.

The Community of Saint Columba is oriented around the following three principles:

Intentional Community

We live in a world that tells us that we can have what ever we desire. Yet, many people feel more alone than ever, in spite of pursuing all that their hearts desire. Why such a disconnect? We were not created to be alone. We were created for community. From the moment God created us we were meant to be in relationship.

Four Practices

Worship. Participating well in public and private worship.

Community. Knowing, serving, and loving other participants in the local church.

Formation. Using spiritual disciplines to grow into the Image of Christ.

Mission. Loving and Serving God’s world in word and deed.

Abbey/Minster Church Model

An abbey church focuses on:

Worship | Arts | Hospitality | Economics | Learning & Scholarship | Catechesis & Spiritual Direction | Rule of Life in Community | Ministry to the Marginalized | Peace & Justice |External Missions