Holy Week 2024

Join us as we journey from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.

Service Schedule

Lenten Evensong

Saturday March 23 | 5:30 pm (I)
Throughout Lent we have gathered each Saturday to pray the evening office. We chant, hear scripture, pray, and offer incense.

Palm Sunday

Sunday March 24 | 10:30 am
This Sunday service marks our enactment of Jesus’ Triumphal Entry and we hear read aloud the full Passion story. It invites us to consider the week as a whole right before we begin our slow walk through it.

Holy Monday

Monday March 25 | 6:30 pm
In this mass, we meditate on John 12 and the offering of worship given to our Lord by Mary of Bethany.

Holy Tuesday

Tuesday March 26 | 6:30 pm
We continue our consideration of John 12 as Jesus wraps up his public ministry and shifts His focus to his disciples in the upper room for the Passover.


Wednesday March 27 | 6:30 pm
This quiet, solemn, and beautiful service features stillness, a time to meditate on the scriptures, and is accompanied by the chanting of the Psalms. We watch as the light of Christ is diminished and hidden for a time symbolizing His death. A loud noise is heard representing the earth quake at the death of Christ.

Maundy Thursday

Thursday March 28 | 6:30 pm
“Maundy” is taken from the Latin word “command,” and focuses us on the giving of the new command to love one another. Our committment as God’s people to love one another is expressed through congregational foot washing. The service ends with the stripping of the altar, a solemn time of reflection meant to remind us of Jesus’ arrest, His ill treatment at the hands of His captors, and the washing of Jesus feet to prepare Him for burial. This service ends in silence and the church remains open for a time after the service to allow silent prayer.

Good Friday

Friday March 29 | 6:30 pm
We gather this evening to consider Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross, hearing chant and scriptures. We take time to venerate the Holy Cross in acts of devotion and offering prayers to God. This service ends in silence and the church remains open for a time after the service to allow silent prayer.

Easter Vigil

Saturday March 30 | 10:30 pm (I)
This vigil, beginning late on Saturday evening, invites us to hear again the incredible story of our creation, Fall, God’s pursuit of His people, and the culmination of our glorious deliverance in the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. We celebrate this incredible moment with light, sound, song, scripture, prayer, and partaking in Holy Eucharist. We follow this service, which ends shortly after Midnight on Easter Sunday morning, with a wonderful feast together in our fellowship hall.

Easter Sunday

Sunday March 31 | 10:30 am
This traditional liturgy of Word and Table tells the good news of Christ’s resurrection. We sing resurrection songs, hear the scriptures that tell us the good news, and receive the risen Christ in the meal of Eucharist. Following our service we feast for a second time down in the fellowship hall.

(I) denotes incense used in service